The San Juan - Chama Watershed Partnership is a partnership of local, county, state, tribal, and federal agencies; non-government organizations; and local individuals that come together to support a watershed for a healthy ecosystem, a vibrant economy, and sustainable communities for the people who live and depend on this watershed.

Women Owning Woodlands Workshop

Introduction to Forestry

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If you are interested in attending the first Women Owning Woodlands (WOW) workshop in the Chama Valley, contact Mary Stuever at or 575-588-7831. This workshop will cover the topics of Forestry Projects, Management Plans, and Legacy Planning.

Registration is $10 at the door and includes lunch.

Our Mission

The mission of the San Juan - Chama Watershed Partnership is to protect and enhance the watershed health and water supply conditions of the Rio Chama from headwaters to the confluence of the Rio Grande, and the tributaries (Navajo River, Little Navajo River, and Rio Blanco) that contribute to the New Mexico Bureau of Reclamation’s San Juan – Chama Diversion Project.


Our Goals

  1. Sponsor efforts to achieve collaboration across a spectrum of community members, business owners, and land managers. 

  2. Encourage and participate in effective outreach to reach potential and active participants that represent diversity geographically, institutionally, economically, and socially.

  3. Prepare for, raise awareness of, plan for, and take actions that, on a landscape level, promote sustainability of resources that honors and sustains economic, ecological and social systems.

  4. Enhance regional economic viability and use of forest products.


P.O. Box 5701, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147