Statewide water town hall produces wide-ranging platform of policy reform

April 17th, 2o14

By New Mexico First

Recommendations address planning, water rights, storm-water and wastewater reuse, watersheds, brackish water, financing and other changes

New Mexicans want a balanced water policy that plans for future shortages, expands water storage and reuse, addresses legal issues, and protects environmental resources. They want to explore the potential of cleaning up brackish water (non-potable, highly salty water) in our aquifers. They also identified potential improvements to the ways the state finances water projects.

These recommendations and others resulted from a New Mexico First statewide town hall attended by over 300 people and held in Albuquerque April 15-16.  The meeting, entitled “A Town Hall on Water Planning, Development and Use,” brought together people from 31 New Mexico counties. Participants came from small, medium, and large towns and included business leaders, industrial water users, environmental advocates, researchers, municipal water planners, farmers and ranchers, government professionals, elected officials and students… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE