Rio Grande Water Fund: Comprehensive Plan for Wildfire and Water Source Protection

rio-grande-water-fund-490x250Water is life and livelihood. Nowhere is that more true than in New Mexico. However, the reality is that each year the size and severity of wildfires in our state increases, along with subsequent post-fire flooding that degrades rivers, streams and other critical water sources. In addition, state and federal agencies spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year reacting to these fires, not including the lost revenue to business. Without action, New Mexico’s future water security is at great risk.

The Rio Grande Water Fund is a solution that can bring clean water to New Mexicans for generations to come. This innovative project will invest in the restoration of forested lands upstream so we can secure clean water for communities in these watersheds and downstream. Our goal is to generate sustainable funding over the next 20 years to proactively increase the pace and scale of forest restoration, including the most high-risk areas in the Rio Grande watershed. We are working together so nature can keep working for us.

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