Governor Martinez Announces Opening of River Stewardship Program Request for Proposals

The goal of the River Stewardship Program is to fund projects that enhance the health of rivers by addressing the root causes of poor water quality and stream habitat.  The 2014 New Mexico Legislature appropriated $2.3 million in capital outlay funds for the River Stewardship Program “to design and construct projects that improve surface water quality or river habitat statewide and to provide state matching funds required by the terms of any federal grant under the Clean Water Act.”

The River Stewardship Program builds on the success of past efforts with Clean Water Act funding and state funding for watersheds, rivers and wetlands.  The objectives of the River Stewardship Program include:

  • Enhancing the economic benefits of healthy river systems, such as improved opportunities to hunt, fish, float and view wildlife.
  • Restoring or maintaining the hydrology of streams and rivers to better handle overbank flows and reduce flooding downstream.
  • Providing match required to leverage federal grants, ensuring that New Mexico continues to receive these funds.

Read more about the program here:

Download the RFP document here:

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